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Serving companies that seek permanent and temporary staffing solutions for call center, office/admin and light industrial positions.

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Core Services

  • Full-time dedicated staff
  • Behavior based interviewing
  • Two professional reference checks
  • Skill assessments
  • Drug screens
  • Criminal background screening
  • Customized safety orientation
  • Electronic timekeeping
  • Customized reports

The Atlas difference

Atlas Staffing is an employee centric, philosophically driven organization with a service driven model that focuses on adding value to the customer while respecting the dignity and worth of every staffing associate. Our innovative solutions bring a balanced, inventive approach to the customer, staffing vendor and staffing associate relationship. Elevating people.

Atlas Staffing is flexible, if its ethical achievable and profitable we will do what the customer asks. Whether it’s our nGauge Program, Visual Advantage or our electronic timekeeping, Atlas Staffing is committed to partnering with our customer and creating solutions that work for the client, Atlas Staffing and the staffing associate.

For our high-volume contingent/temporary staffing customers

Ask about our FlexBank option which addresses high conversion fees and reduces the overall time a staffing associate is required to be on your payroll. No more penalizing high volume customers and no more hours lost on staffing associates who are on short-term projects.


The nGauge program is an innovative and unique system created to consistently deliver quality employees, addressing the fundamental truth that more than anything else, the client requires quality from their staffing provider.

  • Engaging people – Outlines expectations for our staffing associates by inviting them into a conversation that traditionally only happens between the staffing provider and their clients.
  • Measuring results – Key performance indicators disbursed quarterly for your review.
  • Consistency – Remove the guesswork out of your contingent/temporary workforce. Start engaging people and measuring results today.

Visual Advantage

Visual Advantage is a unique tool to pre-interview your candidates that complements and illuminates a candidate in a way a simple resume cannot.

Visual Advantage consists of a short video clip, lasting between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, where the candidate gives an “elevator pitch” indicating why they are a great fit for your position. This saves you time and money, by allowing you to make a more informed decision about who you interview and more importantly who you hire.